In today’s world, innumerable services are provided online which raises a big question on the individual operating from the other side as a consumer. A complete validation of such consumers is a must as these services could be abused. Understand our offering in this scenario to ease your process of person verification.


Verify individuals by retrieving a recorded video of them answering automated questions and through speech to text algorithms


  • Q&A: Automated questioning to differentiate human presence

  • Fraud Check: Limit access to only those individuals who clear the complete transaction of their actual presence through facial movements and speech recognition

  • Video verification: Video will be manually check after recording. No physical presence required.


  • Opening of a Trading or a DEMAT account

  • Individual depositing large amount of cash

  • Validation of person and age check for providing services meant for older age groups

  • To provide mutual funds and other financial benefits

  • Portfolio management and collective investment schemes


  • Video recording of the concerned individual present through webcam

  • Automated question answers to differentiate humans from chat bots

  • Validation of documents which are to be present at the concerned individual’s disposal

  • Speech to text conversion instead of captcha assuring better security

  • Quick analysis and the complete video recorded is sent to the respective enquiring agency or client