An Electricity Bill Verification is proof of an individual’s identity as it clearly states their legal name. So, the probability of identity theft is quite less, and any business can make sure that their customer is the same who they claim to be.
Also, electricity bill is the one document which most of the people are likely to have so its verification is the most convenient and reliable proof.


  • Electricity Bill acts as a reliable proof of a person’s identity and address.
  • Since electricity bill verification service is instant, thus it helps uncover identity frauds to reduce business risks.
  • With the help of advanced technological innovations, we are able to access accurate and complete database to carry out electricity bill verification that any business may need.


  • Identity:It’s a proof of an individual’s identity since it clearly mentions his/her legal name.

  • Address Proof:It is also a person’s complete address proof which minimizes the chances of forgery.

  • Other Bill Details: It also states other bill details like date amount, outstanding bills, payment history etc. which helps any business to determine an individual’s payment making capacity and responsibility.


  • Electricity Bill Verification can be done by providing name of the Service Provider and Consumer ID to AadhaarAPI through an API call.
  • AadhaarAPI technology pushes the fetched data to Electricity Board Database for validation.
  • In response, electricity bill is validated and along with that you will get name of the individual, address and other bill details like due amount, current bill amount, due date etc.