Forgery and infringement cases are at its highest rates as individuals replicate documents for innumerable reasons to absorb financial services. Most of these services require the individual to have a valid bank account. Our solution provides the validity of such bank accounts through simple steps



A mandatory compliance for financial institutions to provide their financial services by validating the bank account holder by retrieving the bank account number and IFSC code


Fast: Check and verify an individual’s bank account instantly in seconds.

Easy Verification: An absolute proof provided by entering Bank Account Number and IFSC Code of the Bank. Best Response: The response returns the Name of the bank account holder validating the individual instantly.


Digitizing the process without the requirement of a cancelled cheque : Bank Account is to be verified for numerous reasons enlisted below:

  • Loans

  • Money Transfer

  • Approving eNACH

  • Micro-lending financials

  • EMI applications

  • Renting plans


  • Enter Bank Account Number and IFSC Code
  • Request processed by NPCI
  • Response: Name of the Account Holder