The Advancement in the field of transportation leads to the increase in the number of road users. Yet, the threat of road accidents is fast increasing in parallel to the count of vehicles on road. One of the major causes of road accidents is the unlicensed drivers on road. The drivers who are not eligible to hold a license to drive the vehicle many a time lead to serious and sometime s even fatal road injuries.

These days a number of government and industry regulations have been increased which places the responsibility on businesses for identity verification to check whether their customer’s identity is authentic or not which helps them further diminishing identity theft.

The best way to verify the authenticity of your customers is by verifying their Driving License. This not only helps you to verify the identity of your client but also provide some basic personal details for future records.


Driving license verification API process can be done by providing the user’s date of birth and Driving License number, to the AadhaarAPI via API call, which in return will provide the complete details of the user driving license

Driver’s licenses, ID cards issued by Indian jurisdictions are commonly used as proof of identity for many purposes; however, these documents can be counterfeit or altered.

Our service allows an organization to verify whether the license or ID card provided by their end-user matches the data held by the jurisdiction that has issued the document.


  • A query is sent to verify whether the data on a driver’s license is same as the data held by the issuing jurisdiction.
  • The license validated through our service will provide following verified data:
    • Name as per Driving License
    • Date of Birth as per Driving License
    • Date of issue of the license
    • Blood Group as per Driving License
    • Name of father/husband
    • Registered address as per Driving License
    • Details about the Category of Vehicles, the license is authorized to drive along with the effective date
    • The validity of the license as per purpose of driving – transport or non-transport


  • Make an API call by passing Driving License Number and Date of Birth as mentioned on license in API body.
  • Receive the complete Verified Driving License details in response.


  • The foremost importance of DL is to legally drive a motor vehicle in India.

  • Driving License is widely accepted as an important document of Personal Identification

  • DL is also a valid ID proof for exchanging old notes.

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