Providing services through information technology infrastructure creates a great impact in organizations. To expand the reach of these organizations, verifying an individual’s identity fulfils an important objective of security

Type 1: (OTP/Biometric)


Service to instantly verify the citizens’ identity with two factor authentication:

  1. Aadhaar Number or VID and
  2. Biometric or OTP


  • Enter the Aadhaar number

  • Select the modes of authentication:

    OTP: One Time Password will be sent to the resident’s Aadhaar registered mobile number.

    Fingerprint: Verify the resident through fingerprint scan.

    Iris:Verify the resident through Iris scan.

  • Get the Authentication result of the resident.


  • Reduced operational cost: Current procedures have back and forth of document submission and approval. Aadhaar authentication systems digitizes this whole process within minutes.

  • Better customer Experience: Customer experience is improved by reducing time required to few seconds.

  • Easy access control: Through Aadhaar Authentication, access control is easily possible without carrying any card.


  • Currently, Airport check-in consume significant amount of time. Identity verification at airport check-in can be digitized and less time consuming along with strong authentication

  • Verifying individual before registering for a government or a globally recognized examination

  • Attendance system for schools, corporates and other institutions

  • Verifying a visitor, entering the premises of a government or a corporate building