Voter ID is one of the most important documents as this ID not only allows an individual to exercise his/her right to vote but also acts as a very crucial proof of identity and address. Voter ID card is issued by the Election Commission of India to all the adult domiciles who have reached the age of 18. It is also known as EPIC (Electoral Photo ID Card).


The voter ID consists of the following details:

  • Voter’s Full Name
  • Voter’s Father’s Name
  • Voter’s Date of Birth
  • Voter’s Permanent Address
  • Voter’s Voting ID
  • Voting Ward Number
  • Signature of an Electoral Officer in Power
  • Photo ID of the Voter


  • Instantly validates Voter ID to check the authenticity of any individual
  • Get the Complete Voter ID Details of the user


  • Pass the Voter’s EPIC Number to be authenticated in our API call
  • Get the Complete Validated Voter’s Detail as Response


Digitizing the process without the requirement of a cancelled cheque : Bank Account is to be verified for numerous reasons enlisted below:

  • As the primary purpose id to prevent the electoral fraud and to improve the accuracy of electoral roll.

  • It serves as one of the most important identity proofs of an individual. /p>

  • It can be used as an address proof document.

  • Voter ID can also be used for availing several government schemes.

  • An Individual who holds the Voter ID card is acknowledged as a registered voter.

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