• A mandate is a set of permission that you provide to your bank or other financial institution to automatically debit the required amount from your bank account. The process and approval for this mandate takes a significant amount of time.

  • In the era of digitisation, automating processes for payment services between banks and other financial institutions serve a great purpose.

  • Once, an individual authorises a concerned authority to debit from the said account on a fixed date of every month, through an e-NACH form, rest is hassle-free for the individual.

  • Funds are automatically deducted for innumerable reasons like the loan, EMI, micro-lending payments, rental payments, gold loans and other financial services.

Product Description

  • The E-Mandate system facilitates issuance and confirmation of mandate by the customers through alternate channels to the paper-based mandate.
  • The mandate will be routed by the destination bank, after due authentication, to the sponsor bank or by corporate through their sponsor bank to the destination bank with the attributes of customer authentication depending upon the variant of E-Mandate.
  • The objectives of E-Mandate are:
    • Creation of an authenticated mandate by the customer himself through electronic channels.
    • Shorter mandate acceptance cycle or auto acceptance of mandates.
    • Secured and assured mandate acceptance -mandates are initiated by the customer or his banker. The system will leverage on Core-Banking Solution (CBS) of participating banks for initiation of mandates and posting of transactions. NPCI will be running the centralised services.

Features for E-Mandate

  • No more worries of recurring payments: Once, a bank/merchant is authorised by the customer, the process of deducting the amount towards the consumption of a service/product provided to the customer is completely automated.
  • All the subsequent payments will not require customer intervention: using the corporate website integrated with an aggregator and the customers’ bank can issue and authorize the mandate online.
  • Familiar banking procedures: No additional means of identification required, decreasing the risk of fraud
  • Notifications: It notifies the successful registration to the investors and in case of rejection, it sends a timely update to the client, any authentication by the issuer of the mandate in an electronic form either online or in a batch mode.


  • If you are subscribing for an insurance plan for your family through an e-Mandate, you can schedule all your premium payments through a simple online process at the start of the insurance period, instead of manually keeping track and making individual premium payments.

  • If you have bought few electronic appliances on EMI for 2 years, you can schedule fixed payments through the online process.

  • If you have picked up a loan for a vehicle, the payment for the loan can be completely automated.


  • User fills the e-NACH form and selects the mode of approval e-NACH form and selects the mode of approval.

    • Internet Banking

    • e-Sign

    • Debit/ Credit card

  • The mandate is forwarded to NPCI for confirmation provided by the destination bank

  • Within 48 hours, the destination bank approves or rejects the mandate and the response is sent back to us through NPCI, in case of e-NACH.