In the move towards a Digital India, confirming your customers, employees and other stake holder’s complete identity before conducting business with them or providing your services makes on consider an important value of the security for their organization. Through AadhaarAPI eKYC technology stack, provision of value to achieve these goals are efficient and hassle-free.


Aadhaar eKYC allows an organization to verify the resident’s identity and extract demographic information through. The two factor authentication process:two factor authentication process: authentication process:

  1. Aadhaar Number or VID and
  2. Biometric or OTP


  • Electronic Customer on-boarding: Process completed by eliminating the use of paper and document management procedures

  • Secure and complaint with the IT Act, 2000: Data transfer is secured encryption making eKYC documents equally equivalent to paper documents

  • Instantaneous: The service is fully automated and the eKYC data is retrieved in run time without any manual intervention

  • Consent Based: the data is accumulated after receiving a consent from the Aadhaar holder thus protecting individual’s privacy


  • Enter the Aadhaar number

  • Select the modes of authentication:

    OTP: One Time Password will be sent to the resident’s Aadhaar registered mobile number.

    Fingerprint: Verify the resident through fingerprint scan.

    Iris:Verify the resident through Iris scan.

  • After successful authentication, get the Aadhaar Verified Details of the resident.


  • KYC regulatory compliances could be fulfilled digitally through our services

  • Verifying customer’s identity while registering for web services like matrimony platform, lending platforms, etc.

  • Verifying and extracting an individual’s demographic information before on-boarding them for a new job profile in a company

  • Quick extraction of demographics of a patient entering a hospital for medical services