eKYC Success Response JSON:

    User_Id: 'OUR SYSTEM USER ID',
    Aadhar_Id: '655XXXXXXXXX',
    e_Kyc: {
        status: 'y',
        Description: 'Authenticated Successfully',
        Code: '124be446983XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX',
        RRN: '6345XXXXXXXX',
        Poi: {
            Name: 'RESIDENT NAME HERE',
            Dob: 'DD-MM-YYYY',
            Gender: 'M'
        Poa: {
            co: 'S/O: TEST NAME',
            house: 'ward no. 007',
            street: 'street name',
            landmark: 'landmark provided to Aadhaar',
            lc: 'locality',
            vtc: 'Panna',
            subdist: 'sub-district',
            dist: 'district',
            state: 'state name',
            pc: 'pin code',
            po: 'postal code',
            uidtag: 'AAPKA AADHAAR'
        Photo: 'base-64-image-data-here'
    payload: 'complete response in base64 encoded format',
    qTid: '',
    resident_authentication: '',
    transactionId: 'QT-6559XXXXXXX-OXXXXXXXX',
    time: 'DD/MM/YYYY, HH:MM:SS PM',
    ver: '2.1'

Address Data Points:

1.Element: Poa

This element contains resident’s address within Aadhaar system.
☛ Attributes:

  • co – “Care of” person’s name if any
  • house – House identifier if any
  • street – Street name if any
  • lm – Landmark if any
  • loc – Locality if any
  • vtc – Name of village or town or city
  • subdist – Sub-District name
  • dist – District name
  • state – State name
  • pc – Postal pin code
  • po – Post Office name if any

AUTH Success Response JSON:

    "User_Id": "<<SYSTEM USER ID>>",
    "Aadhar_Id": "433xxxxx912",
    "Auth": {
    "info": "SUCCESS",
    "status": "y",
    "Description": "Authenticated Successfully",
    "Code": "cc66a6d5bec04xxxxxxxxxxxxxbb4153",
    "RRN": "635xxxx62846"
    "transactionId": "QT-433xxxxx912-O1612247637",
    "time": "12/24/2016, 12:42:57 PM",


{ "statusCode": 400, //ERROR CODE FROM SERVICE
  "errors": [ //In case of multiple errors, check this for multiple messages.
    { "statusCode" : 400,
      "error" : "Bad Request",
      "message" : "OTP validation failed" 
    } ],
  "message" : "OTP validation failed",
  "resultCode": "400", //ERROR CODE FROM UIDAI
  "Code": "2ecd287d9f774b4bbe7de701263e7a92",
  "RRN": "704418326186",
  "transactionId":"6d1XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXb53b", // unique gateway transaction Id
   "qTid":"e7c0XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXe4bd",           // unique aadhaar transaction id sent by AadhaarAPI
   "resident_authentication":"O",           //  mode of authentication F: Fingerprint, O: OTP

Error Codes

You can download the list of error codes and error messages from the link below:
download error list